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Chapel Hill's Web Design - The Southern Part of Heaven

If you’re a business owner in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, you know that having a great website is essential to your success. A well-designed site can help you attract new customers, boost your sales, and grow your business. It’s important to choose a web design agency that can create a website that reflects your brand from the use of web archetypes to following through with your social media efforts. Having a good agency is essential to your success because it works with you to create an attractive and functional web strategy, but most importantly one that brings in results.

Merkados™: We are your best option

Merkados™ is an agency that focuses on three pillars for web development:

  • A marketing-driven strategy.
  • Custom WordPress web design.
  • Development that creates a competitive advantage.

We look at your web presence as a three legged table that can’t stand if you take one of the components away.

The best Chapel Hill design services and resources

The city of Chapel Hill is located in the heart of North Carolina and is known for its beautiful scenery, friendly people and university landscape. The city is home to the University of North Carolina, and the town’s downtown area is full of unique shops and restaurants. The city is also surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, and there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in the area. Chapel Hill is a great place to live or visit, and its beauty is sure to charm everyone who visits.

A lot of businesses in the the Chapel Hill area are related to the university or to the UNC hospital. Therefore, if you are a medical or academic business trying to stand out in Chapel Hill without a proper strategy, you probably know it’s going to be difficult. That’s where Merkados™ can help.

How can we help?

Merkados™ over the years has developed a unique formula to get results for our clients. Designing a great user experience, with great colors and even great functionality is no longer enough. People are simply too distracted and overwhelmed and therefore they simply can’t notice your brand in a sea of similar ones. Therefore, what you need is a competitive advantage. A system that constantly works to get you in front of your audience, that improves your messaging and most importantly that gets stronger over time creating momentum. We call this system our AIM System.

Merkados™ AIM System can help you execute a proper strategy for your business and set up your digital marketing to stand out and create real results. We help you with your corporate branding conceptualizing and design, making sure that your brand’s voice, tone and style are being communicated throughout.

We are WordPress experts, a very popular Content Management System. But what makes us unique in this regard is that we don’t expect you to receive your site once it is finished and make it succeed all on your own. Instead, we take leadership of your digital marketing and, with our expertise, we execute the strategies that will grow your business for you.

If you want to learn more about what Merkados™ can do for your business, contact us today!

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