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Are you trying different tactics online, but you are not seeing results?

Many of our clients, when they reach out to us for the first time, lack a proper brand.

They may have a website, they may have social media strategies in place and maybe even use the same logo all across their web efforts.

At the core, you know that something is missing, and when you see it in other businesses, you notice a difference that you simply don’t know what it is.

The reason you can’t put your finger on it is because its strength doesn’t come from what you can see. Just like an iceberg, you may see the tip above the water, but most of it goes unseen.

The problem with traditional website design

At first you may think that your business just needs a new website. In the same way that you would order new business cards, or as part of the other marketing discussions for the year.

And the idea is that your website is a great place to provide information for your audience in an official, yet flexible way. But most importantly, businesses want their websites to be a lead generation tool.

The generally unspoken problem is that websites by themselves are not very good lead generation tools.

Unless you pair your website design with a cohesive brand communication strategy and a lead generation plan, you probably won’t see positive results.

A cohesive brand communications strategy will have a deep, powerful message about your core values, the voice, tone and style of your brand. The visual system is only what people see, but they can “sense” that your core concept permeates everything you do.

Finally, a digital marketing strategy includes tactics to bring qualified traffic to your new website. Some examples of those tactics are paid advertising, SEO, podcasting, video distribution, and many others.

So if you type for “Website Design Raleigh” in Google, you’ll find a combination of reputable agencies, smaller studios, individual designers and others. But the key for your business success is not just finding a website designer, but rather to pair your website design with a strategy that delivers the results that you seek.

A Branded Web Presence

Imagine if you started with a clear understanding of your core values, mission and vision of your business. 

Imagine being clear about your target audience and the proper vehicles for communicating with it.

Your brand’s voice, tone and style would all speak about your core values. Your website would reflect the same archetypes as your social media efforts. Your email campaigns would reinforce the same motifs as your landing pages. The result?

Instead of adding individual digital marketing efforts you would have a multiplying and compounding message strategy.

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