Merkados™ AIM System

Website Design - AIM System

1. Attract More Qualified Prospective Customers, increase visibility and build authority

  • We’ll attract more prospective clients through content marketing and SEO.
  • We’ll reach new potential searchers with paid advertising in relevant locations.
  • High-quality digital media and automated distribution build authority for your brand.
  • As we manage your online reputation, prospective customers will gravitate towards your offering.

2. Improve your Digital Communications

  • Clarifying your core strategy, your competitive advantage and your brand, we can consolidate your messaging in a way that makes sense and resonates with your audience’s needs.
  • A custom, secure, responsive website that works as a marketing funnel also serves as the primary vehicle for your message.
  • We’ll also identify unique opportunities to serve your clients with custom functionality on the web.

3. Momentum – New brand recognition and referral opportunities

  • Reaching your clients with your messages on-demand is where we take your marketing to the next level.
  • Remain top-of-mind with your audience to increase your business over time.


A great starting point for businesss on a budget.
$ 1000 per Month *
  • Digital marketing that generates results for your business.


For when you want faster results.
$ 2000 per Month *
  • Digital marketing plan focused on faster results.

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Raleigh – Durham (RDU), United States

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