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Discover how small businesses attract more customers with the latest digital media techniques and without wasting time and money.

Are you looking for a more strategic way to approach your website design and digital marketing? If so, you need the Merkados™ AIM system. This powerful digital marketing system will help you to:

  1. Grow your business purposefully addressing these three foundational pillars: Attracting, Improving and creating Momentum.
  2. Measure the progress of your digital marketing strategy and make data-driven adjustments.
  3. Develop a website that acts as a competitive advantage for your business.

Merkados™ AIM System


Attract More Customers

We position you in front of your ideal clients to fill your new automated marketing funnel.

Soon you’ll start being noticed by your target market, creating the appropriate platform to present them your products or services.


Improve Digital Vehicles

Attracting qualified leads is a great start, but what if your voice, tone, style and message are not aligned and focused?

We refine your brand, message and improve your digital communications by automating your lead nurturing process to educate and qualify your leads.


New brand recognition and referral opportunities

There comes a time when your digital marketing should be in autopilot. You should be able to predict the effectiveness of your digital channels.

The challenge then is to leverage your efforts to create new brand recognition and referral opportunities.

Ultimately ensuring that your brand stays top-of-mind on your current and prospective clients.

Aligned and competitive messaging, to a highly-qualified target audience, constantly creating digital momentum, results in an increasingly profitable business.

Contact us today if you want to:

Why Merkados™?

Many small business owners face difficulties growing their business using digital marketing and their web presence. The reason? Designing a website and attempting a trial-and-error approach such as posting randomly on social media is not enough to grow a business. Effective digital marketing is a nuanced game that often takes a lot of time to master. In a post-pandemic world it gets even more competitive since every business out there is betting heavily on the web.

I’ve spent over 18 years developing the digital marketing skills and bilingual (English-Spanish) strategies that drive our AIM system. And as a business owner, just like you, I know the importance of getting results without feeling like you are gambling your money.

Please fill out our contact form today if you want to discuss your business goals and the digital marketing challenges you are facing; at the very least, you’ll leave recharged with new ideas that you can apply right away in your business.

Warm regards,

Alex Centeno, MBA.

Alex Centeno, MBA.
Creative Director & Owner

Some of our Clients:


"We asked for a unique and user friendly website, and Merkados delivered an outstanding site that far exceeded our expectations! The personal service we received made our website building experience fun and enjoyable. We would recommend Merkados to anyone starting a new business or wanting to upgrade their current site. "

Deb Henderson, Progress Weight Loss Surgery Clinic

“Merkados is awesome! We are very happy with the work they have done. So much so that we have told various friends and business owners to switch to Merkados. ”

Michael Davis President – Uptone Pictures

“With his extensive knowledge of SEO and his expert technical background, Alex is able to greatly assist his clients. He is a great communicator with the rare ability to talk technically in great detail with developers and programmers as well as synthesize that very technical information and recommendations into easily understood language for those with less technical backgrounds..“

Paul Krellwitz - Director of SEO at Acronym

“Alex understands and excels in the marketing side of online business, and also has the technical knowledge necessary to develop and maintain a website. Additionally, he has a thorough understanding of website traffic analysis. This combination of talents truly makes him a rare find.”

Gordon Williams - Internet Marketer

"Alex was great at explaining the technical terms into more everyday terminology. The website design was fresh and appealing to the ever changing internet world and he was able to captivate the new look we wanted for the website and company. He is very trustworthy and straightforward which is important when working on a detail intensive project."

Amy Christenbury – Swank Chiropractic

“Alex is a very talented search marketing professional. His method to search is better than most, in that he always takes time to understand a client's business and customer. This allows him to provide advice that not only drives traffic but also delivers ROI.“

Mark Schurtman MBA, Digital Media Metrics

“Alex brings great insight and experience to to his clients when it comes to both online and offline marketing. His goal is to understand his clients' business, goals and issues so that he meets and exceeds what his clients expectations are. On top of all this, Alex has a great talent for developing a true relationship with his clients which makes working with them that much easier.”

Cord Silverstein - President at Advocacy Social

“Alex is a valuable interactive marketing resource. He possesses an incredible knowledge base when it comes to Web site development, design, search engine optimization and business in general. Additionally, Alex shows great initiative and drive. He is truly a self-starter.”

Jeremy Swiler -Director of Brand Operations at Lenovo

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Raleigh – Durham (RDU), United States

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