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Creative director with 20+ years of digital marketing experience shares four crucial benefits of having a great website.

Four crucial benefits of website design
June, 2024

There are many benefits to having a great website. In this article, I’ll share some of the most important benefits to having a great website.

Attracting new clients through SEO

A great website can help attract new customers by providing information about your business and products. If the website is search engine friendly and has visibility in the search results for new prospects, it can attract new clients.

Search engine optimization should be part of your digital marketing plan. Why? There are different ways to attract new clients to your business online. But most of them involve a continuous payment and effort. For example, if you post to social media, you may generate some traffic to your site, but a day later it may not matter any more.

With SEO your content has the potential to bring new traffic in an almost ever-green way. Especially if you have really high quality content.

Controlling the Interaction from A to Z

The website can also provide ways for customers to purchase your products online. Can you sell products/services without a website? Of course you can. But the difference is that when you have your own website you control the entire interaction. If you’ve ever needed to reset the password for a Facebook page for a business you know why it is important to control the interaction.

There are countless of examples of businesses who relied on third party interactions only to see them disappear or even change slightly the “rules of the game” only to make the profitability not make sense any further.

You want to control, as much as possible, the journey of your customers. Your domain name, your hosting, your website, your content, your brand and much more. When you control the crucial aspects of your digital marketing it will act as an insurance policy against things changing: and they will.

Improving communication quality and consistency in tone, voice and style

In addition, a great website can help improve communication with customers by providing information about your company, products, and services. The website can also provide a way for customers to contact you with questions or comments. Most importantly, your website will also impress your prospects with your corporate branding and strategy. The voice, tone and style used on your website reflect who you are and what people can expect from your business. I can’t overstate how important branding is.

Offloading support and reducing costs

A great website can also help increase sales by providing information and support about your products and services. You can significantly reduce the amount of support and the costs associated to that support, if you can automate some of your support tasks. Even by having a FAQ section of the site, sometimes it is a lot easier to direct your clients to those sections of the site and offer them incentives to use the site instead of a live agent.

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