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Our Digital Services

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Web Design

When your business needs an online presence that stands out from the rest, our Website Design services are perfect for you. We’ll create a website that’s interactive and tailored to your specific business needs, so you can communicate with customers and clients in a way that’s professional, user-friendly, and visually appealing.

With our help, you’ll be able to boost your online presence and grow your business.

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Digital Marketing
AIM System

Are you looking for a digital marketing system that will help you grow your business?

Look no further than our powerful bilingual AIM System.

With our Merkados™ AIM System, your business will attract, improve and create momentum for your business creating real results for growth.

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Custom WordPress Development

Looking to take your WordPress website to the next level?

Merkados™ can help you create a custom website in WordPress that meets your specific needs.

From developing custom WordPress plugins and themes to creating bespoke functionality, we can provide a tailored solution that will take your website’s competitive advantage to a whole new level for your clients.

Plus, our high-quality coding and attention to detail will ensure a smooth user experience for your visitors.

Other Merkados Services

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Digital Media Production

Often a new website will trigger you to rethink the quality of your digital media.  Professional photo and video content on your new site can have a big impact on your audience.

Our team will help you capture your vision and create high-quality, engaging content that will wow your audience and support your brand’s communication goals.

From start to finish, we’ll work with you to make sure your project exceeds your expectations.

Reputation Management

Online reputation management is the process of monitoring, managing, and influencing online content about your business.

It’s essential for any company that wants to protect their brand and attract new customers.

Our reputation management service will help build positive reviews and citations, identify real problems your customers have with your products or services and manage your brand’s online reputation.


Drone Media

Our aerial 7Aviation services are the perfect way to get a new perspective on your business.

With our commercial drone photography and video, you can capture stunning footage and photographs of your business from above.

This unique view can help present your business in a completely new light.

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Social Media Automation

Social media management is an important part of any business.

Not only does it help build brand awareness, but it also allows you to communicate with customers and clients in real time.

However, managing social media can be a time-consuming task.

That’s where our social media services comes in. With a combination of hands-on and automation, many of the tasks associated with managing social media, including posting updates at regular schedules and tracking analytics can be taken off your plate and give your business all the benefits.

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Search engine optimization is the process of attracting your target audience from search engines organically.

With our SEO services, your website will have the full visibility and will attract more qualified traffic searching for what you have to offer.

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