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Coding – Website Development Process

We are as careful with our coding as we are with our design. Some web design agencies are very talented visually but they don’t apply the same high standards to their code. At Merkados™ we believe that your website should work as well as it looks.

Sure it would be easier to let a computer write the code. In our case, we do things differently. By coding your website with high standards we accomplish the following:

  1. We ensure that it will work as intended with lean directives of markup for your audience browsers.
  2. It will be a search engine friendly website. In today’s world, most people arrive at websites because of search engines and most importantly Google. If you don’t make your website Google-friendly, you may decrease your chances of getting qualified leads.

Coding with Standards

Coding with W3C Standards. We code your website pages with W3C compliant XHTML and CSS. Does it make a difference to have valid HTML and CSS? We think so. When the browsers have no problem rendering your site, first you gain speed serving the website to your clients, but second, you allow search crawlers to do a better job indexing your site. Many designers are still coding with tables and not with cascading style sheets, something that should be considered a standard practice today. In our modern Internet, it is of extreme importance to separate markup, content and styles, making sure that each of those can be updated at any point without disturbing the others.

Imagine if any time you wanted to add new content to your site, you also had to change the way the website looks? Or imagine if any time that you wanted to implement the latest improvements in markup if you had to also redesign your site completely. If you design your site looking at the future, you’ll find that our Merkados™ approach saves you time and money.

A Word about Responsive Design and Development

The term “Responsive Design” has been around for a while. Everybody talks about it. Why is it so important? Because there are smartphones, tablets, desktops and large TV screens all connected to the Internet.

Responsive design is the development of a website that “responds” to the display capabilities of your browser. If your browser is in a mobile phone, then the website will display the content of the site with a format suitable for smaller screens. If your browser is a desktop screen with a large display, then it will use as much real estate as possible. Responsive design is based on the philosophy that in order to administer content only once, you must not create a separate mobile version of your site. In responsive design, the content remains the same, what changes is the way you display that content.


Hundreds of people around the world can create a simple website, especially if you are looking for a Raleigh-based web development company, there are hundreds of them. The problem happens to be that there are close to 1.08 billion websites in existence today and most development companies are interested in just adding another website to that pile. And so, if you add another one, with the same things that any of the other 1.08 billion out there have, what do you think would happen? Yes: nothing.

Custom Functionality Development is what takes a conventional website and transforms it into a unique interactive vehicle. Something new, innovative, something that is attractive and that is helpful – a real competitive advantage for your business. But how do you do that? You need to think. You can’t follow the pack, you have to be innovative.

If you are interested in learning how our team at Merkados™ can help your business come up with a unique approach → contact Merkados™ today!

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