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5 Tips for an effective website redesign

Website Redesign Tips
March, 2024

There are so many websites on the Internet, and so many are being created every day, that it is almost impossible to make them stand out by themselves. According to the site Zippia, there will be 1,045,422 brick-and-mortar retail stores across the U.S. in 2022, that feels like a lot. To give you some perspective, the number of US-based websites in 2021 was about 133,361,676. How many of those physical retail stores will you visit in your lifetime? How about the websites? How many will you visit?

In essence, people are not going to know about your website, let alone visit it and then purchase from you—it is just not that easy. So how do you create a website that actually serves a commercial purpose as a lead generation tool? Well, here are five tips on how to make that happen so your next website is not like your previous one:

  1. Keep it simple. In 2022, people are looking for websites that are easy to use and navigate. Keep your website simple and easy to use, with clear and concise navigation. There is nothing worse than people arriving at your site and then leaving because they are confused. Believe me, they won’t come back. On the Internet, you have one chance. Why? People are virtually seconds away from a competitor. Click, and boom, they have another option.
  2. Use responsive design. With more and more people using mobile devices to access the Internet, it’s important to use responsive design to ensure that your website looks good and functions properly on all devices. In most industries these days, visitation from mobile devices doubles desktop-based visitation. That’s important.
  3. Use high-quality images and videos. In 2022, high-quality images and videos are more important than ever. Make sure you use high-quality images and videos to make your website more visually appealing. People don’t want to read. especially long paragraphs without breaks. People are driven by feelings, and they want the shortest path to their solutions. You must give them a reason to engage with your brand. So make sure to provide on-brand graphics and videos.
  4. Use engaging content. Make sure you use engaging and interesting content to keep your website visitors engaged. Provide graphs, photos, mixed media, videos, animations, and much more. What you want is to give them something that they won’t get anywhere else.
  5. Use social media: Make sure you use social media to promote your website and to engage with your website visitors. Also, post frequently and from a genuine place. Don’t do what others are doing; instead, give them a reason to take a second look. Don’t go after numbers. It is much better to have 10 followers that love everything you do than to have 30,000 but they care very little.

The “Go Ahead” Moment

When people arrive at your site, they give you the microphone for a few moments. They say, “Go ahead” and give you their attention for a moment, which is a very rare thing to do these days. What are you going to do? What are you going to say? I’ll leave you with a story to finish.

Today, I received a brochure from a company that I am considering doing business with. When I picked up the brochure and opened it, it had an obvious typo in the phone number, the designer had left a dummy phone number instead of their real contact info. Now, if they understood the rare opportunities they have to catch people’s attention, they probably would be much more careful when reviewing their marketing materials. It is an easy mistake to make—I am not bashing them—and it can certainly happen to all of us. But my point is that once you understand the limited opportunity for attention that exists, you must be very intentional once you get it. Know what you are going to say when you get the microphone. Rehearse it and be ready. That’s what a new website redesign demands in 2022.

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