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WordPress Website Design & Development

WordPress Website Design
May, 2024

When looking for a new website agency, you may already know of the benefits of using WordPress. WordPress is a beautiful Content Management System with lots of power and flexibility. It is one of the friendliest CMS for administrators. And if you want to separate the content of your site from its visual presentation, WordPress is ideal.

The post-pandemic world in which we live demands investment in digital marketing. If you have a business that depends on local leads, you are going to need digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategies that work

Effective digital marketing strategies contain two parts: a performance-based strategy and a recognition-based strategy.

In order for your business to succeed, it is going to need to meet certain performance. That’s why sales are so crucial for any business. Without sales, businesses have a very difficult time creating momentum.

But recognition is the long-term game. If you sell without a brand, you’ll work harder and also have a very difficult time creating momentum.

It is when you combine both: a well designed brand and a performance strategy that you have the chance of generating momentum for your business.

Where does WordPress fit in this equation?

For most businesses, attracting prospects through content marketing is a necessity. For most websites about 80% of all traffic comes from search engines in the form of organic results. And therefore, a content management system is the right tool for the job. Managing multiple users, with multiple roles with different capabilities to administer the content of the site is one way of creating a competitive advantage, specially because content is very difficult.

But with the incorporation of AI tools that write content on demand, the amount of properly worded junk on the web will grow exponentially. And search engines will reward not only properly worded content, but really valuable content. Content that doesn’t just say well versed things, but instead generates value. And AI is simply not capable of that, at least not yet.

AI is very good a creating something new based on something old (a seed.) But content as a competitive advantage will be that which makes sense to read and share. In other words: good quality content.

WordPress is uniquely positioned for that. As a mature CMS with a sophisticated plugin repository and thousands of developers around the world, it provides the proper support for businesses that want to create valuable websites.

Where WordPress isn’t going to work

WordPress can be installed with a free theme and dummy content in less than 30 seconds. Even web hosting companies these days offer the functionality to install WordPress automatically. And that is why, we have seen an explosion of low quality websites everywhere.

Obviously, adding this kind of website to the web would be like adding a glass of water to the ocean: useless. The untold truth is that websites by themselves, whether they have WordPress or not, are not a good lead generation tool. In fact, they are not a good communication vehicle. In order for people to trust your business, they have to trust what you do as a business, and that includes what you do on your website.

Can you buy a template and create a WordPress website with dummy text in under 30 seconds? Yes you can. But is that a good idea for your business? The answer is absolutely not.

If you are serious about your business, you’ll realize that the communications of your business are more vital than ever…

Why WordPress versus other CMS

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS and with that come a lot of benefits. Other projects that were competitors where Joomla, Drupal, Typo3 and others. All of them worked with the power of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.) But under the hood they all behave slightly differently.

WordPress is better than the competition in that it is easier to use for regular administrators. You don’t have to become a developer in order to administer a website in WordPress. In fact, you don’t have to be a developer in order to create a website in WordPress: hence the problem. WordPress is deceiving in that sense: it makes you think that you can do it all.

WordPress has an incredibly robust community of plugin developers, both free and paid. And because of that, some complex functionality is easy to implement without any heavy lifting from a PHP developer.

Drupal is a great CMS with a significant community behind it, but upgrading a website from an older version to a newer version is cumbersome even for seasoned PHP developers.

Why should you hire a professional WordPress website development company

A WordPress website development company can help if you have a established business and know that your product or service actually fills out a need in your audience. If you are looking to test a new business idea and therefore design a website with an agency is going to be a really expensive experiment. But if you have a established business that needs to create a new lead generation channel, simply installing WordPress on your own won’t work. If you are in a crowded space with lots of competitors, you’ll have to identify a competitive advantage and doing so on your own can be difficult. Designing a regular website with some of the free, or almost free tools, is not going to be enough.

In other words: if what you need is a business-generating website, you’ll need a professional WordPress development agency.

  • Do you need custom functionality?
  • What about a custom WordPress plugin that only your business can use?
  • Do you need to display information that you pull from another source (for example via XML?)
  • Maybe you need to export content while writing PDFs or CSV files?

All of these needs are only able to be filled with a responsible development company. It may be tempting to hire a contractor for very cheap in India or Brazil, but remember, if they don’t have the same understanding of what responsibility means, you may be left hanging with no project and no money.

If you are looking for a professionally-designed website on WordPress contact Merkados today.

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