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Custom website design versus a template-based development, anything NEW?

Custom Design vs Template-based
July, 2024

First, it is important to understand what websites are all about. Websites are communication vehicles that also serve as advertising. Most importantly, they are arguably the most interactive channel there is. You can combine text, graphics, video, audio and even 3D all from the comforts of your browser and all on-demand.

Why do we make a difference between template-based and custom design?

The reason we make a difference in the first place is because of cost and speed. If you want a custom design website, it is going to take time and it is going to be costly. Why? Because a bespoke solution fits perfectly your brand – it is made to be unique. But of course, in order for it to make sense, it needs proper research and most importantly: a designer.

On the other hand, if you want speed and lower cost, then you would explore template-based websites. The way that the site looks is already done and so the only need is to fill in the details of your business and you have a new website. However, there may be another 10 or 100 websites that look exactly as yours – and this takes away the competitive advantage that you may experience because of your corporate branding.

Is custom design worth it?

If I asked you if you prefer to go to a store at the mall and buy your favorite brand on your size, or if you prefer to go to a professional tailor and to get a suit that fits you perfectly with the specific fabric that you selected you may have a difficult decision. Each one of those things have positive and negative aspects to them.

The promptness and price of buying clothing that is already made is clearly an advantage when time is of the essence. Are you going to look the best you can look? Probably not, but you are not interested in looking your very best, you are interested in a value proposition.

When you really want to make a statement with the way you are dressed, making it fit you perfectly and knowing that you are paying a premium for it, you are interested in a completely different set of values.

Website design is similar. Templates, especially good ones, can be customized to fit a particular circumstance and help your business achieve your objective of having a website presence. Is your business going to make a big impression with the way it looks? Probably not, but then again, you are interested in the value that you get.

On the other hand, a custom design will take more time and cost more, but if done by a professional will make your business make a powerful statement that results in a competitive advantage.

To take our analogy even further, imagine that the special occasion you are dressing for is a millionaire contract negotiation. Let’s say that the way that you are dressed has a big impact on how you come across in your negotiation. Would you consider far more valuable the bespoke tailor-made solution? Of course you would. In other words, every bit of advantage in a situation like that would be worth it. The costs of the tailor-made solution would be consider an investment, rather than a cost.

Bespoke Website Design and Development

A website has a big impact in the “negotiation” people go through when selecting who they do business with. And the way the website looks has a big impact on how you come across in that negotiation. Most importantly, this negotiation happens over and over again with each and every prospect that visits your site. Imagine if you attract thousands of visitors to your website every month, each and every time, you are presenting your brand and your business in a particular light.

Even though it is difficult to quantify how much your business will grow because of creating a custom solution, the truth is that your prospects will clearly reward you for being unique. And even though, no design is going to make up for deep deficiencies in a business model, if all other things are considered equal, the custom design will help you succeed.

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