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Measuring and Maximizing

If you don’t measure the effectiveness of your website to accomplish your goals how can you tell if you are succeeding? The only way to know if you are getting closer to an objective is by measuring it. You may even be able to improve the rate at which you attract new leads alone by measuring the rate at which it happens. For example, there is evidence that people that practice daily weighing actually lose more weight.

In the world of digital marketing, the most common way that we measure our progress is Analytics. But Analytics is more than just installing a Javascript code and forgetting about it.

We believe that all websites should have a native installation of an advanced analytics package: Google Analytics or any other, but at least one. You should review a comprehensive report at least weekly, learning how things are actually progressing. This report should contain a summary of your site’s visitation numbers, referrals, visitor location sources among others.

You should define KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that are relevant to your industry and website. That way you’ll understand if you are getting closer or not to your real profitable goals.

Gaining all this knowledge, can help you be empowered and most importantly be scientific when making online marketing decisions.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if twenty years ago we could measure the real impressions of a billboard, a magazine ad or a TV spot? That’s what we have today in a digital-first world. We have a real way to measure.

Promotion of a Website

Designing a great website is only half of the battle. The other half is making sure that you have a plan in place to attract new visitors to your site. Then measure how your strategies are working, adjust, and redo.

Digital Marketing in our post pandemic world

Our world has dramatically changed in the last two years. Thousands of people, and businesses have succumbed to the pressures of our new reality. Covid has made people more independent. And with the growth of digital devices like the iPhone, people spend a great amount of their lives on the web.

The web is no longer simply a channel, just like TV or the Newspaper, for advertising. The interactive nature of the web requires us to define a complete marketing strategy for your audience on the web.

If you walk the aisle of any commercial aircraft in any flight, you would be surprised if you saw a single person without a mobile device in front of them: everybody has gone digital.

So the name of the game is measuring and maximizing. Are you ready to starting learning more about how to make your digital channels bring in more value?

Merkados offers our AIM System. And if you are interested in pairing your website design and development with a program that systematically creates results for your business, contact us today.

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