Tony Delmedico

Tony Delmedico is an American professional therapist specializing in working with men and their challenges.

Tony works with individuals to get at what lies below the surface of behaviors, conflicts, thoughts, feelings, images, and dreams.

He came to Merkados™ with a desire to leverage his brand and multiply the impact of his practice from a digital marketing perspective.

The custom design for this project involved a careful examination of Tony’s brand and a series of approaches that reflected different foundational archetypes. At last we explored a voice, tone and style that delivered a sophisticated, muted, masculine and abstract presentation that results in bold curves with unsymmetrical grids.

The typography, color choices and photo presentations where carefully aligned to orbit around the selected branding archetypes.

In terms of the content management system of the implementation, WordPress was selected for its ease of use and its great capacity to grow as a mature product.

Content, Style and Framework were methodically separated to allow for future independent upgrading and for digital marketing benefits including search engine optimization.

Tony Delmedico Website Redesign

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