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Interactive Advertising

Interactive advertising refers to the process of planning, organizing, designing and measuring ad campaigns on the Internet. Perhaps you don’t know where to start and you need to hire an agency that can get the creative juices flowing, we are here for you.

Let’s say that instead, you already have a creative mind, what you really need is the hand to bring it to life and most importantly the knowledge to make the placement with a positive ROI.

In the interactive world, as in the physical world, branding is extremely important. The exposure to hundreds of thousands of websites makes it almost impossible to differentiate your product on advertising alone. On top of that, many resort to using promotion as their “only choice” to converting prospects into buyers; this approach makes almost all businesses think that their products and services online have to be marketed as commodities. The good thing is that they are wrong.

Online customers are engaged in different ways than just by price. It is true that Amazon and eBay have made their impression with low prices, but there are plenty of examples of companies that position their brands competing by attributes. Adobe is probably one of the best examples, have you heard of Photoshop? have you heard how much it costs?

If you are a small business, it is likely that you’ll want to focus on a strategy that is narrow, targeted and attribute-based, instead of one that competes by low-cost.

When you are ready to:

  • Plan online advertising
  • Organize digital media and strategize your digital marketing.
  • Design and execute successful web campaigns and
  • Measure your success effectively

Merkados will be right next to you.

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