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Hosting Services as part of a bigger digital marketing strategy 

The actual internet marketing hosting service consists of the rental of virtual space in a server with an internet public access.  The hosting service is provided according to the specific client needs in regards to disk space and monthly bandwidth.

But hosting by itself is offered by a multitude of companies, so why do we recommend a different approach? Because hosting companies are in the business of providing, you guessed it: hosting. They are not interested in what exact configuration of the server could bring better results to your business, what server optimizations could lead to faster service and therefore higher retention and conversion rates.

They are not interested in reducing your disk space and bandwidth usage, for obvious reasons. As long as you pay, they are happy with providing you the space that you are requiring. The more the better: for them.

For example, an uncompressed image in JPG directly from a camera could weight 25MB, but when resized and compressed for web, at a lossy compression rate high enough that makes it almost imperceptible to 9 out of 10 people, could bring it to less than 1MB. What that means is a savings of 25:1 bandwidth every single time that image is loaded and presented to a user. Without a doubt, the SEO and usability benefits can’t be overstated.

But the hosting company wouldn’t really initiate a conversation about the compression of your images.

Webmaster Services for Internet Marketing

Out digital marketing plans include webmaster services for constant tweaking and optimization.

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