How long does it usually take you to develop a new website?

A professional website is a tool that helps your surgery business in a wide variety of activities such as: lead generation, demonstration of your products and services, branding and positioning, communications, cost-reductions and much more.

In a competitive market, such as the Raleigh-Durham, coming up with a successful design is not a matter of drag-and-drop. Our process includes an overview of your industry, of your main competitors and the strategies used to generate business.

It usually takes around 7 weeks for us to complete the website redesign. However this timeframe can change based on the work needed for business strategy and branding. Do you have a cohesive competitive strategy in place? Do you have a valuable competitive advantage in your niche? Is you branding aligned with your business’ logic and with its core concepts?

Our websites can take about two months from the beginning of the website design process to the moment we go live on the Internet, however, that is only the beginning of the process.

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