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Case Study – Weight Loss Clinic. Program: Online Marketing

Case Study Client:
A weight loss surgery clinic in the Raleigh, NC area.

Marketing Program:

TimeFrame (4 months – From Feb 1st to June 1st):


Comparison between the four months(02/01- 06/01) in the program and the four months before the program(10/03 – 01/31).

  • Visits to the site saw an increase of 62.90%.
  • Pageviews of the site increased 58.17%
  • Google organic generated visits more than doubled (117.82%).
  • Direct traffic visits increased 69.69%
  • Yahoo organic traffic increased 52.94%
  • Visits from keywords containing their location (non-branded terms) increased by 113.00%
  • Visits from their State (North Carolina) increased by 72.55%
  • Visits from their City (Raleigh) increased by 94.95%
  • Visits from mobile devices more than doubled (103.64%)
  • Most of their preferred keywords saw a significant increase. One of their main keywords increased in visits by 750%


Merkados digital marketing plan provides measurable positive results. Merkados’ digital marketing programs work even in a post-pandemic world where businesses are looking for cost-effective ways to generate real tangible results utilizing digital media strategies instead of offline channels.

Merkados provided the clinic with an effective combination of relevant online marketing services intended to increase website traffic. Our carefully crafted combination of services at affordable rates are unique and provide real quantitative value, in this case for a small medical surgical business in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Many online marketing companies promise all sorts of SEO products and services that are supposed to provide you value. But an SEO strategy without a comprehensive effort that involves web server configuration, business strategy, branding and content marketing, often will lead to lackluster performance.

If you are interested in having a conversation of what we can do for your practice, don’t hesitate to contact Merkados today.

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