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Hospital Advertising Campaign

The new advertising campaign for Hospital Universal in Cartago, Costa Rica: “¡Qué lindo ser Cartago!.” This advertising campaign, in Spanish, is based on the fundamental pillars of the hospital’s brand. Because it is a local hospital, it speaks to the association with the province and what it means to be a “local.” It translates as: “How beautiful to be a Cartagian.” And at its core, it shows the commitment of the brand to serve a local market with high quality medical services.

This advertising campaign included exterior design such as billboards and banners as well as live national Television advertising while the Cartago’s soccer team was playing. It also includes online social media, website and other advertising mechanisms.

As one of the latest applications, t-shirts were created with the phrase and the logotype on the back. These t-shirts are then shared with the soccer team audience at half time entertainment.

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Advertising Campaign - Spanish

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