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Merkados™ can design or redesign your blog and/or website today. Having a blog is an extremely common marketing tactic these days, however, most open-source platform offer just limited themes that modify somewhat the appearance. The problem with these themes is in terms of branding. They are not custom designed to fulfill the needs of your audience.

In other words, they might look good, but they are not maximizing the power of your image and they are not creating a compound long term value. In fact, probably the biggest problem with them is that many others will have the same template. So it potentially can make you loose impact instantly and perhaps deteriorate your credibility.

By designing your blog with a professional agency, you can target accurately your audience and you can make sure that nobody else has your look and feel. It is yours to keep and to build upon.
Branding might not be very important to some people, but marketing-savy business owners have understood the power of branding for a long time. Branding is responsible for higher sales, higher profitability and most importantly: recognition.

Stop for a second and think about the following words:

  • SONY®
  • Coca-Cola®
  • FedEX®
  • BMW®

Isn’t if funny that you can’t think of those words without thinking of their products? Each and every one of those brands mean something in your brain. They have “rented” a space in your psychology only through the power of: branding.

Make sure to request your Blog Design or Redesign Quote today and take the marketing of your online content to the next level.

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