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BattleQuestions.com Full Interactive Question Generation Modules

BattleQuestions.com engaged Merkados for the next generation of their web app. This project consisted of designing and building an intricate system of algorithms that generated quizzes and practice tests for students that read books for the competition: Battle Questions.

At first, our involvement included creating a new custom website built with Drupal. As time progressed, BattleQuestions seeked our help with more intricate features for their software.

Written in PHP and MySQL as a set of custom CMS modules, the system generated the quizzes, graded the online responses, created a complex ranking of users according to their scores and much more. In the end, the website functioned as a e-commerce membership site that allowed users to practice the questions with several applications, but also an interactive, real-time game that allowed for live play across the web. The live functionality operates in a combination of front-end and backend Javascript in Node.js.

Because of its broad complexity, the system also needed to be easy to update for administrators and be affordable to a point that it would bring positive ROI to their organization.

BattleQuestions increased their digital brand and website recognition and became a leader in their niche. Merkados also provided strategic consulting that advised on pricing structures for their products and services making them increase profitability.

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