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Website Development

Web Development

Are you in need of implementing a connection between your business WordPress website and your email marketing funnel? Are you interested in creating a custom WordPress Plugin that helps your small business gain more information about your users online? How about writing a custom Javascript implementation of Google Analytics to modify it to give you more insights into your prospects needs? That’s custom web development.

At Merkados we provide SEO friendly web development services. Since we have extensive search engine optimization training, we have incorporated all of our SEO expertise into our development process and apply all SEO best practices to our digital media design. This effectively makes our development search engine friendly from the ground up.

In general, search engines account for more than 85% of the total traffic to web properties. If your website is built without an understanding of SEO, branding and digital marketing, it is very probable that it will be ineffective in attracting and capturing qualified traffic.

Search engines account for more than 85% of the total traffic to web properties.

It may sound irrelevant at first but having a site that is accessible to search engine crawlers is a big first step into accomplishing your successful internet presence.

Developing a search engine friendly website involves a wide variety of elements including: clean HTML and CSS construction, proper meta information, keyword-rich content, proper crawler directives and sitemap files, configuration of your hosting environment and much more. 

Merkados Website Interaction Levels

At Merkados we develop web solutions according to our own categorization of the interactivity level.

Types of Websites:

  1. Informational Websites: Your business speaks to a target audience. Imagine a “Digital Brochure.”
  2. Interactional Websites: Your business speaks to a target audience and also listens for their feedback.
  3. Transactional Websites: Your business speaks to a target audience, listens and engages in online transactions.

Informational Websites

Informational websites are by far the most common web development projects for starting businesses on a budget. If you want to provide information to your clients about your products and/or services, this is a great place to start. You want a website that provides enough information about your business, your history, your services and most importantly: your contact information.

Interactive-based Websites

Interactive web properties provide information but also build full communication channels with their audience. They give and receive information using their online presence. The interaction can happens in this way:

A prospective patient arrives at your website from one of our digital marketing strategies. They are looking for specific information that gives them the confidence to reach out via a connective interaction such as a filling out a contact form or a request for consultation. As they share a communication channel with us, phone or email, we now can take leadership of the communication in order to help them with their problem.

An interactional website can adjust the message according to the needs and preferences of a particular client. This is especially powerful when used to tweak your marketing promotion over time based on actionable analytics.

Another level of interaction is through web chats. Web chats and chatbots provide a new level of supporting your users. With the advances in artificial intelligence, websites now can display chat bots that support your client’s journey. If they happen to have a question, the bot can easily and effectively answer those doubts on the spot. That creates a positive experience and can increase conversions for your business.

Transactional Properties

Finally, transactional web solutions are those that provide e-commerce capabilities. You can effectively sell your products or services online using your site. You can charge in exchange for products or services without the intervention of a representative. It can be as simple as collecting payment for their consultation in advance on a sidebar of your site or as complex as a full cart implementation for other purposes.

Collecting payment for your products or services used to be a much more difficult thing to implement. Over the years Merkados has developed solutions that make the configuration of transactional websites much easier.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

At Merkados we focus on WordPress. WordPress as a content management system is mature, flexible, secure and sophisticated. It is well-known by a wide and vibrant community and it is in constant evolution. Most importantly, WordPress allows for the creation of all levels of websites: informational, interactional and transactional.

WordPress itself is also open-source. We prefer to develop WordPress websites because of the flexibility the infrastructure provides to administrators and users.  By keeping a vast repertoire of plugins, the extensibility of your site becomes faster and much more cost effective. When you develop a website in a proprietary CMS, you are essentially married to the company that created the software. However, WordPress is different in the sense that the code is open and available. Not only is the code itself free to use, but also a huge community around the project ready to help.

Most importantly by developing a site with WordPress, we separate three layers for our clients: The system, the design and the content. What that means is that each of those components can be updated at different schedules and at different priorities giving you even more savings and providing space for creating positive ROI for your business.

If you are interested in developing a new website or creating new functionality for an old one, please Contact Merkados Today!

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