Website Design Process – Web Development Steps

The Merkados web design process is a combination of online marketing knowledge with advanced applied aesthetics. We work hard to maximize the power of your budget and to enhance the chances of positive revenue over your investment. Our websites are excellent products because we dedicate hours to planning, organizing, directing and evaluating the graphical, technical and marketing solutions that we implement in your site.

Website Design Process:

  1. We get together to dig deeper into your current business strategy, your competitive advantages and how you fit in your market.
  2. We narrow down the focus of your brand’s voice, tone and style. We can provide core branding design and implement a branding system that communicates your story.
  3. We design a website that is marketing-driven. Our custom website is built to provide value for your business in the form of a marketing funnel. It takes cold leads and walks them through a journey to become paying patients.

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