Universal Plastic Surgery Clinic SEM

Universal Plastic Surgery has hired Merkados Interactive Partners to maximize their online marketing. Merkados has successfully provided search engine marketing for Universal Plastic Surgery clinic in Costa Rica for over 2 years. Some of the services that Merkados has delivered include:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Adding unique, relevant content and meta information to the Universal site.
  • Google Adwords Administration: Creating and managing their account, ad groups, ads, keywords and more.
  • Analytics: Recording every move that their potential patients do online, we can track their paterns and provide a better user experience online.
  • Online social profiling. We are working to increase the social awareness of their main website by creating social bookmarking profiles like Blogger and Nayms.

Universal’s Experience

If you are like Universal Plastic Surgery Clinic or a professional in look for top quality and cost-effective internet marketing strategies and design please contact Merkados today.

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