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Is a strategic digital marketing approach right for your business?

Merkados is a contemporary solution to the challenge of increasing the quality and quantity of business through the use of state-of-the-art digital marketing. If you have ever questioned if your website design and Internet marketing strategies are providing you with a proper ROI, you are in the right place. Our mission is simple: through marketing-driven digital tools, we maximize the value of our clients’ interactive presence.

You may ask: where should I start?

You probably already understand the importance of having a web presence and a website. Have you asked the following questions?

  • In what ways has the Internet changed in the past 10 years, and have those changes facilitated a new way in which we meet the needs, wants, and desires of our clients?
  • Is my business taking advantage of innovative digital trends to improve our competitive advantage?

The answer to these questions will give you a frame of reference for the strategy that we believe is necessary to be successful in today’s business environment.

You can find hundreds of solutions for a website, but the challenge is really finding one that will become a real competitive advantage for you. Since websites, by themselves, are not a very good lead generation tool, we pair your website with an effective digital marketing strategy: the Merkados AIM System.

Custom Web Site Design, Development, and Deployment

So let’s say that you just started your own business and have come to the conclusion that you need to start advertising in order to increase your clientele. You end up thinking that the best way to do that is to have your own website. Most of the time, you end up hiring a website design agency that will more than willingly build a website for you and, at the end, train you in how to administer the content of the site.

How well do you believe you can perform this task after only one or two hours of practice? We know this can become frustrating, when you find yourself having to update the content of a website, making constant changes, and being proactive about what works in digital marketing with very little training. Not to mention, that is really not your job, it should be ours. That’s why Merkados is different.

At Merkados, your website is a component of a carefully crafted web strategy. We update your content and optimize it for SEO. We craft static content, images, videos and animations and adjust every part to make sure that it tells your story, in your own voice, tone and style. We pay close attention to the technical aspects of your digital presence. And if problems arise, we fix them. And we are in the constant lookout for new innovative ways to make your more successful. We measure what works over time and make it a priority in order to create momentum. Also, if we experience unexpected success with other innovative marketing techniques with some of our other clients, we put them into practice for you.

Website Maintenance & Webmaster Services

As a small business owner, you want to focus on your business but have the flexibility to administrate as much as you want within your website. Let your webmaster deal with anything else. Administrating email accounts, creating databases, removing subdomains, redirecting DNS, and even implementing SEO techniques on your own can be distracting from your business’ goals.

Our webmaster service is included as part of your digital marketing plan, and the reason is that we believe that digital marketing is not just about marketing, but also about digital. And therefore as online experts, you hire us because you value our expertise and you want your digital strategies to work for your business.

Web Strategy Services

Online marketing is more relevant than ever before and the line between marketing and technology has been blurred even further. With the internet growing at a faster rate than ever, standing out in that digital sea of sites requires a careful approach. Your potential clients are out there. But let’s face it, the chances of them bumping into your site by accident are awfully small and getting smaller. That is why you need a proven Internet marketing plan. Successful businesses implement marketing plans that bring clients to them and that is the key.

Our specialized strategic services include content marketing, search engine optimitization, paid advertising management, reputation management, email marketing, social media marketing and analytics. By using your website effectively as a marketing tool for your business, you will find new horizons that you thought were impossible.

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