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Advanced Interactive Marketing Services Measured with Analytics.

You can only improve what you can measure. A Merkados™ strategy utilizes the correct deployment of Google Analytics that gives us the necessary feedback of what is working and what needs improvement.

What are the most important pages in your site? What pages need to be optimized? Is your web site too small or is it too complex for your audience? What are the reasons behind the conversion of your target audience leads into clients? Are there any steps we can take to shorten the funnel for your online business?

Our goal is to identify your digital marketing challenges and improve your visibility, messaging and conversion.

From the creation and interpretation of custom website goals, definition of KPIs, funnels, SEO and more, Merkados will provide you with the support you need to increase your client base and give them exactly what they want.

From simple analytics code installations to much more advanced analytics configurations, Merkados™ can help.

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