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Merkados Web Design Planning

We consider your industry and your competition when planning your new website. Analyzing what they are doing so we can adjust to their strengths and stay away from their mistakes. We make sure that our marketing experience shines through your site and that it becomes a marketing machine.

Websites are like a fishing net. You can use them to catch fish, but you’re not going to catch anything if you use the net in the wrong waters.

Strategic Consulting

We start with a strategic consulting session. The purpose of our strategic consulting is to help you clearly articulate what is the vision of your business, what is the target audience and what makes your offer better than the competition.

In essence our process clearly unveils what are the core concepts that makes your brand unique and competitive.

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding allows your business to align your core concepts to the communication efforts of your brand. Every brand must have a definite voice, tone and a style. By doing so, it sets the business and its products/services apart creating a real competitive advantage.


Stylescapes are our own interpretation of the style of your brand in visual archetypes.

Hand Sketches and Wireframing

We make sketches both for interaction and for look & feel. A website that looks beautiful but is not functional is like a fantastic wedding without a bride. By taking advantage of proper planning we ensure that your main marketing goals and your visual appeal are being served. Making a profitable website by accident, even though might be possible, is extremely difficult. On the other hand, when you have a well defined plan to make your sites profitable, you are more likely to succeed. That’s what we do.

The Composition of Design

Finally, we arrive at the composition of design. A definite solution that visually communicates what your business is all about. Because of our process, there is no question in your mind that your design represents who you are.

Other considerations

Our extensive experience with other websites’ success, allows us to keep a set of standards that will benefit your website instantly both in terms of interaction and graphic design. Strategically designing your users interaction means that your audience will be receive the right communication at the right time.

Graphically speaking, people have different displays, color profiles, resolutions and they have different plugins for a wide variety of browsers. Our standards of design are the only way you can minimize the effect of those differences. When you work with an experienced web designer, you gain from their planning experience.

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