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I use the website a little bit for some information, but it just takes too long.

Since you perceive that accessing your website’s information takes too long, it is sometimes an indicator of poor navigation and usability. Some corporate websites have hundreds of thousands of pages, some of them years old. On top of that, some of them don’t have a clear hierarchy or organization to that content.

Sometimes I have seen people actually using Google to search their own website instead of trying to navigate it and find the right information. Imagine how your prospective clients may feel if even you are having trouble when familiar with the information.

We believe that the problem is exacerbated when we give a non-digital marketer the task of getting results from a website. A marketing manager at a Hospital, normally has very little hands-on knowledge of digital marketing. Not to mention that the technical skills to be able to think strategically and then execute them on the site are even more rare.

The solution is to hire an specialized agency to work as a digital marketing department. That way you don’t have to pay the salaries, the 401ks, the offices, the equipment, the training and everything else. Instead you get a small team of focused people that do two things:

  1. Identify the opportunities to improve your digital marketing funnel.
  2. Have the skills to actually improve your digital marketing funnel without wasting time.

If this sounds like a good idea worth exploring, please consider scheduling a free call today!

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