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Content Management or just a static site?

I want a website but I am not sure if I need a Content Management like WordPress or if a static site is enough?

A static website is often a less expensive solution because typically is less expensive for the development firm to build. However it may not be the best business decision. Due to the nature of the web today, it is indispensable for a business to keep their information up to date. Adding content to the website in the regular basis is fundamental to maximizing the visibility and visitation from search engines.

The traditional model of web design usually involves an agency building a website for a business and when ready, providing training to the client on how to use and administer their own CMS website. Then the agency takes a step back and allows the client to administer the website with their new knowledge.

At first, this may seem like a good idea. However, when we take a closer look we can identify significant problems that arise from this model. First, the client is expected to learn not only the technical aspects of administering the site and adding content, but also they are required to figure out the digital marketing aspect of becoming visible, attracting and converting leads into paying customers. This of course is not an easy task.

At Merkados we develop our websites using WordPress. But the primary reason for using a CMS is not for ease of use of the client, but rather for a faster and more consistent implementation of effective digital marketing practices.

There are many things, technical in nature, that are required to make a website a high converting lead generation tool including:

  • On-page SEO
  • Server configurations
  • URL configuration
  • Special meta instructions to search robots
  • Installation and bridging between external tools such as Google Analytics and Webmaster Console with the site.
  • Internal cross-linking
  • Lead magnet creation
  • Funnel definition
  • email Marketing list building
  • and much more.

It would be impossible to train the business owner or his team on all of these aspects in just a few hours of training. It would probably take months to properly train a person that is highly motivated and interested in learning digital marketing. However, most of the time, business owners, doctors, business owners or hospital administrators are not interested in learning the different between HTML tags and shortcodes.

Separating Content and Structure is a Smart Move when Designing a Website

When you design a static site, you merge the structure of the site into every page. In the future, when you are ready to redesign, you will have to redo the entire site, both structure and visual elements. When using a CMS, since it effectively separates content and design, you can update either one at any given moment without the other one. Down the road, you can modify your design and keep your content, pages and structure intact.

If you decide to use a static site it also provides very little flexibility. If you want to add functionality to it, you have to code it from scratch. Merkados uses WordPress as its CMS of choice for web development. The WordPress repository has over 10,000 free plugins available for added functionality, and even more at available as premium plugins, often for low cost. At any given moment you can plug-in a desired functionality and only incur in the cost of customizing it to your personal needs. That allows an incredible flexibility at a reduced cost.

Cost Effective Updating

At Merkados, even though we could build static websites, we always recommend utilizing the power and flexibility of WordPress combined with other automation tools.

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