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Apples to Apples – Web Design Features

Some website agencies try to make it sound as if the kind of website that you’ll get when you hire them, is the same kind that you get with an established digital agency like Merkados. Not so fast.

If you are in search for a professional digital agency in the Raleigh-Durham area, the best avenue to take is to compare Apples-to-Apples. Compare the process, the features, functionality and future upgrading capabilities of your website. Because all of this components will make a significant difference.

In terms of features, Merkados offers a comprehensive array of options that will deliver a powerful web property. That property, will continue to be relevant and competitive in your industry over an extended period of time.

Sooner or later, you will have to update your websites; new technologies arise and new standards are implemented. Instead of redesigning your website’s look-and-feel, markup structure and content every time, by effectively separating them at the beginning of your project, you can update them at the right intervals.

That way, your website can continue to take advantage of improvements in technology while keeping your upgrading costs down. This is one of the many ways in which we make professional website design a better investment.

Take a look at some of our website design features and remember to compare Apples-to-Apples when it comes down to proposals. Once you are ready, please feel free to contact Merkados for a free consultation about your project.

Website FeaturesMerkados Standard PackageSome other Agencies in the Triangle
Code renders properly and accessibly in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)YesNot Always
Full 100% custom and marketing-driven design. Your website will be unique.YesNo
We manage and maintain the content on your site. Do you have writing and editorial teams? We train them on how to Create, Update and Delete your content. Capacity to create pages and posts 24/7. However, all technical web maintenance is handled automatically for you.YesNo
Dynamic PHP driven site in the most widely supported and popular CMS in the world, instead of Static HTML pages.YesNo
Unlimited users with Multi-level customizable roles. You decide what users can do what on your site.YesNo
Unlimited Form-to-Email functionality with built-in security. Build as many forms as you need. Embed the forms in any page of your site. Connect Webhooks to external APIs such as Mailchimp or others on demand.YesNo
Admin platform with beautiful user interface and professional training on how to use it.YesNo
Unlimited site-wide options and custom content fields for content type administration.YesNo
Flexible navigation. Drag and Drop Functionality to change your menus. Plus responsive navigation structure that allows for customizing of desktop and mobile navigation independently. YesNo
Add photos from your computer with a click of a button. The website automatically re-sizes your images for added efficiency.YesNo
Easy WYSIWYG editor for each page. Add bold, italics and other formatting to your pages with ease. Plus hundreds of page building elements for any of your top pages.YesNo
Listing of all the pages in your site organized by tags or category for easy management. Plus unlimited creation of content types for proper management of your content from day one.YesNo
Full one-on-one website management training for all your administrators, recorded for your convenience and reference.YesNo
Cross-browser compatible with the latest versions of the most popular browsers including Safari for mobile, Chrome and much more.YesNo
Fully separated Markup, Content and Styles. Change only what you need in the future. When is time to redesign your site only change the look & feel while preserving your structure.YesNo
90 day – 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your site’s functionality has a bug, we will fix it without any additional charges.YesNo
Search engine friendly, hand-coded markup and stylesheets.YesNo
Search engine friendly URLs.YesNo
301 Canonical Server Redirections.YesNo
Automatic RSS feed publishing. Push your content directly to people using an RSS reader like Google Reader.YesNo
100% W3C HTML5 standard specification compliance.YesNo
Strategic Interaction Design. Using Merkados proprietary framework we tailor the interaction to the right audience stage.YesNo
Analytics installation included. Gain advanced marketing intelligence about your visitors such as visitation patterns, keywords driving traffic to your site, search engine traffic, visitor geographic location, conversion funnel review and much more.YesNo
Revision system for content. Create pages and revise them later multiple times as needed. Page history is also default: need to go back to how a page was in the past? YesNo
Password retrieval for any account through secure email procedure directly from site.YesNo
One-click sharing of content, posts and pages with Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms.YesNo
Thousands of available plugins. Extensions allow your website to add functionality as needed and grow as your audience grows.YesNo
3D and/or video display on any page with one-click.YesNo

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