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I use our website all the time, but I am not personally proud of a specific part of it (functionality, design, marketing).

At Merkados™ we are experts at strategic website design. We can help you with specific functionality, design or marketing or your site. If you feel that something in your site is responsible for some ineffectiveness in your goals we can help.

We believe that digital strategies require three components to be successful:

  1. Branded Design. Design that falls outside the bounds of the brand will always, no matter how spectacular, end up hurting your business goals.
  2. Fast yet effective Development. All strategies online are tied to software. We use tools to attract potential customers(patients) to your funnel. We use digital tools to communicate with them. We use web channels to encourage their growth and help the business fulfill their needs.
  3. It has to be marketing-driven. No matter how well your website is built and designed, if the only user is you, it will only lose value over time. The only way in which your website can become an asset is if it is tied to measurable marketing objectives: if it helps reach them, it is an asset, if not, let’s rethink why you wanted a website.

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