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Digital media is and will continue to be the most influential form of communication that we have today. Newspapers? They are designed digitally. TV, Business Cards, or YouTube videos, all of them are produced digitally. And some of them are delivered digitally as well. With the birth of the smartphones, tablets and smart TVs, consumers are always available to consume digital media.

Businesses must take advantage of the opportunity to communicate with their audience through digital media now as consumers are actively seeking any media available for their devices.

Until recently, digital media was reserved to the powerful brands, but we live in a different world now. YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world, allows regular small businesses to captivate an audience with video or motion graphics that they can film themselves from the simplest of cameras. Today, even our phones have 4k or 8k cameras that can create micro productions with ease and can live stream instantly. You couldn’t have imagined doing this a few years ago.

Merkados provides an avenue for businesses to deliver their communications through digital media in the form of digital media productions, web design and digital marketing.

In North Carolina, there are dozens of companies that provide marketing services. And dozens of others that provide web services. But to find a company that understands how to utilize digital media in the context of a constant marketing strategy, that’s not easy to find.

If you are looking for content marketing, you can certainly find an agency. But if you want to write a script for a quick interview video, then now you would also need a videographer, editor and colorist. What if you want to use that video for social media? Now you need a social media marketing agency. And what if you also want to put your video on your website in a custom gallery that tracks views and that opens a pay wall at certain moments in the video? Now you need a web dev agency.

Or you can have the power of digital media marketing working all under the same roof: design, development and marketing.

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