Bilingual English-Spanish Digital Marketing

Merkados™ has been providing digital marketing consulting and media services in bilingual markets for a long time. If you are interested in exploring the opportunities that a bilingual approach can bring to your marketing efforts you are at the right place. The Hispanic population in the US is growing and you can tap into the potential of this market by presenting your content in both English and Spanish.

If instead your business is located in Latin America, whether it is in Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, or any Hispanic speaking market, and are searching for online marketing professionals to reach an English-speaking market, Merkados can help.

Digital marketing in Latin American usually is less competitive than in the United States because the number of businesses using the web for their marketing is less. This is a positive and negative thing at the same time. First Latin America is quickly becoming a hub for value-based services for US Citizens in search for more affordable, high-quality options. Also, Hispanic-speaking clients, residing in the US, often have difficulty finding information about services and this creates a great opportunity.

Merkados adjusts the search engine marketing strategies and tactics to maximize the results that our clients experience.

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