If you personally never use your own website, and you hate it…

If you never use your own website, it may indicate that the website’s functionality and/or usability are under performing. Websites have three main capabilities for their clients: information, interaction and transaction.

What better way to access your companies information than through your own website? Here are some important reasons why this should be a priority:

  • Your website is available everywhere in the world with an Internet connection, which means in almost every single pocket. This allows and incredible level of flexibility. You may be at any moment without the information that you need, but you would have access to it, if you had it available in your site.
  • Your information is consistent. You may have published prices on your website and yet your office personnel don’t remember that your prices were changed. If a client ends up seeing those prices online, you are “forced” to honor the online prices anyways. So why not let your own office use the prices on the website as the main source of information?
  • It consolidates your information making it easier to update and mantain. If you have lots of places where your information is presented, you must change it everywhere everytime it changes. This of course leads to either not wanting to change the information or information being poorly updated in some channels. The less channels the better for your information.

If you feel like your website simply doesn’t have the capabilities to hold your company’s information, then give us a call and we can improve that for you.

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